Help me raise money to Sponsor an Orphan.


I have always wanted to sponsor an orphan and this type of initiative is something that is very close to my heart.

The unique part of sponsoring an orphan with Spot Project is that you actually get to interact with the orphan. I will be able to send voice notes, video clips and even get the opportunity to meet the orphan that I'm sponsoring in real life.

Help make one of my goals in life a reality by donating.

About Spot Project

Spot Project aims to illuminate the hearts, faces and minds of underprivileged youth around the world, starting in The Gambia. We aim to build schools and learning centres through which we can run courses, seminars and training programs to equip the youth with essential skills and the education they need to make a better future and to motivate those that will one day look up to them. We work towards making leaders that will give back to the community once they have taken what they need and transformed their own lives.


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Apr 24th, 2020
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