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About Us

The Qalam Education Centre was established in 2010 to serve the needs of the growing Muslim community. One of the largest mosques in the Camden area, the Qalam Education Centre also known as the Qalam Mosque spans over four floors with the prayer facilities located on the ground floor. Since its emergence, the Qalam masjid has developed a positive reputation for its all-welcoming, inclusive service model; attracting a diverse community. 

The Qalam Masjid has always had a strong centred focus on education and development. We truly believe that through education, we are able to develop, and subsequently enrich the Muslim community. Improving our services such as the educational framework is of paramount importance, but more importantly, it is also synonymous with providing sound facilities...

With the welfare and wellbeing of our community at heart, the plan moving forward is to preserve and amplify the blessings of our beautiful community by reconstructing the Qalam Mosque as the landmark of the Camden locality. 

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