How to make a complaint to Give Brite

At Give Brite we handle all complaints with utmost priority to ensure our platform is always working for our charities, fundraisers and donors. At times, things can go wrong and we will be the first to hold our hands up so we can learn, make improvements and give you the best experience of fundraising or giving.

So we welcome all feedback whether it is good or bad, big or small as this plays a key role in delivering a great product and getting things right.

The easiest way to give us feedback is here.

Our process

  1. What the complaint is and what we can possibly do to help
  2. Give us 48 hours to resolve it - we will get back to you
  3. If you are not happy with the outcome we will escalate it to a senior manager.
  4. If you remain unhappy then we will ensure it goes to our management team for further action.

We’re always here to listen and help.