Help us raise money for Tuyoorul Jannah

Help us raise money for Tuyoorul Jannah

Raising money in memory of Soyab Patel

At the end of October 2018 I received the sad news that the father of one of one of our students, Shamma Patel, who attends Tuyoorul Jannah Special Educational Needs Madrasah has passed away. I was shocked and didn’t know what to reply to Shamma's mum as Shamma’s headteacher.

After brain storming ideas with our team of how we can help, we all felt obliged to do something in memory of Shamma's father, Soyab Abdul Patel, Blackburn.

An idea was suggested that we make a garden at the new location of our new building in his memory. The Garden would serve 2 purposes:

1. The students would be able to use it for gardening which would enhance their team building skills.
2. We can offer some solace for Shamma's mum and family.

Soyab bai leaves behind 3 children, 2 of these children have severe learning difficulties.

We would like this campaign to be a form of Sadqa Jariyah (on-going charity) for Marhoom Soyab bhai.

About Madrasah Tuyoorul Jannah

Tuyoorul Jannah Madrasah for Children and Adults with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

Since its inception in 2007 much has changed at Tuyoorul Jannah; our original hand-picked team are no longer undergraduates, the number of learners we cater for is no longer just six, and our remit extends far beyond just delivering madrasah education. However, our vision and enthusiasm remains the same, that we work to empower the individuals we serve to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their lives (and we definitely still have just as much fun!)


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